Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells LeBron to stay out of politics

Loudly tells another man to be quiet

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of a kind player. He is good at what he does, and he says that people like him, celebrities like LeBron James, should concentrate on what they are good at, and stay out of politics. That they should keep their opinion to themselves and not make it public.

So, he tells us to keep our private thoughts, private, and not make them public.

And then Zlatan comes and makes his private thoughts about LeBron public. Zlatan became famous, and he came in with certain status and made his private opinion public. Should Zlatan just do what he was good at, and not spoken about LeBron, because it doesn't look good on him?

If Zlatan was not a recognizable name around the world, would we be talking about this? It is exactly that status that Zlatan is talking about, that makes his words powerful and worthy of discussion. He provoked a conversation.

We are analyzing Zlatan's words because he is so good at what he is doing. If not, we wouldn’t be. Colin Kaepernick took the knee and forced us into having a conversation about Police and racial relation. Instead, he could have just bowed to the pressure and saved his career.

You don’t reach that place, to be a QB for a top team, without dreaming about it non stop when you grew up and to give that all up, for a cause that he believed in so that you and I can be more aware, is as noble as it can be.

If Kapernick was a QB who never got drafted, none of us would have given him the respect that we are giving him now. That’s the way the world works. It respects you when you rise up and make people look up to the sacrifices you made. Your success demands respect because you earned it.

And then, when you turn around and make use of that recognition, to do something that can cause real change. When you force people to look in the mirror and when you have the courage to accept the consequences of your action, then you are not just a successful celebrity, but you are someone who can be followed to the gates of hell.

LeBron, not only lets the world know, where he stands politically, but he helps whenever he can. He uses his celebrity for a cause he believes in. When politicians tried to make things difficult for people to vote during the pandemic, it was Lebron and so many other basketball players, who stepped in and pushed the NBA to use arenas as polling places.

Thank you, Milwaukee Bucks, for stepping up. The Bucks could have just played the game, as they were supposed to, took their money, got some endorsements, and stayed happy forever. But they stood, because people like Colin Kapernick and Lebron James showed them, that you can stand up for the defenseless.

And the Bucks stood up.

Tomorrow, there will be more successful men, with character, who will follow in their footsteps. They will look at what the Bucks did and ask themselves, do we stay silent as the have-nots are being exploited or can we do something about it?

If everyone who has, just takes care of protecting what they have, then the world will continue to remain as two groups, the people who take and the people who lose.

Is that the world you want to be living in?

Imagine if William Wallace, or Gandhi or Dr. King or Mandela had thought like that. Imagine how the world will be today.

If you cannot defend the defenseless, even after you secure yourself and the future of your family, what is the point of your success?

Vote and Help People Vote

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